Welcome to the

Torre di Pornello

a place showing the natural beauty of Umbria.

The „Torre di Pornello“ was built on a splendid hill in the 12th century about 20km southern of Tuscany in Umbria.

The tower, with its residential and secondary buildings, is located in a peaceful landscape with beautiful natural surroundings: hills, forests, colorful flower meadows and various deciduous trees. You can easily reach the tower via a well-developed asphalt road.

Our property is surrounded by a hillside and a romantic and west-facing terraced garden. On the lower terrace level you can find our large swimming pool with its own comfortable shower and toilet facilities. The terraces offer plenty of space to enjoy the silence, to relax or to listen to birds chirping or even the sound of the leaves. The terraces are also a perfect place to meet friends, cook together and enjoy the bright sunshine or the starry sky.

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